Anne Goldthwaite – my daily art display

Anna Goldthwaite Self Portrait

The artist I am showcasing today is a lady who hailed from the American Deep South.  Anne Wilson Goldthwaite was born into a genteel Montgomery, Alabama family on June 28th, 1869.  She was a true daughter

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Nocturne Notes – Bryan Mark Taylor

Nocturne Notes

Bryan Mark Taylor

San Diego Sunset , 30 x 30", Oil, © Bryan Mark Taylor
San Diego Sunset          30 x 30″     Oil     © Bryan Mark Taylor

   Bryan Mark Taylor shared with us his paintings of cityscapes in twilight and nighttime lighting in our interview with him here:  Voices of Experience

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Museum Sketching

One of my students asked me about museum sketching, and I thought my answer would make a nice blog post:

This is me sketching from Velazquez’ Las Meninas in the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain a few years ago. There

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Consistency – Is it Key?


Oscar Wilde is famously quoted as saying “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” I get sucked into reading these daily quotes, and I rarely question them. Who am I to disagree with Oscar Wilde?


Yet, I can’t imagine

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Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly Portrait Unveiling

portrait of Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly

Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly portrait.

Investiture of the Portrait of Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly

Yesterday was the investiture celebration for the portrait of Chief Justice Marilynn Kelly at the Michigan Supreme Court. I presented the portrait before the full Court.

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Student Interview: M. Joy Lemon

I am beginning a series sharing interviews with some of my students. Please enjoy this first interview with Online Atelier member M. Joy Lemon:

Artwork by M. Joy Lemon completed during her studies at Sadie Valeri Atelier

“Shell In Drapery”,

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